dies ist mein Wettbewerbsbild für internationalen "Terracon"-Wettbewerb für das April-Thema "Terra Song"
es trägt den Titel "green, green grass of home" und hat den 3. Platz erreicht (bei 70 Teilnehmern) !

über diese Kommentare durfte ich mich freuen :)

"Best idea of postprocessing - without it scene looks as no scale simple terrain! "

"Great post processing and use of a siloette. Reminds me of the cave scene in the other post processing contest. "

"I want this house!"

"It just makes you want to go out and hike those mountains! "

"well done "

"very evocative"


"How a simple frame can change it all."

"Nice twist"

"Simple and exremely efficient, to put the cmera inside a house. Haven't seen this before. I'd like to be there."

" Like an Austrian Holiday!"